An advantage the Arizona coyotes could have this season


The Arizona Coyotes don’t have much going for them. They eventually managed to get a few wins over the season, but are still at the bottom of their division with no hope of playing meaningful hockey this season. It’s a reconstruction of a reconstruction and they have barely started to work.

One thing the Coyotes have going for them is that this season they brought back their original “kachina” style jerseys. In a sports market that couldn’t be more inconsistent with the traditional history of hockey, the Kachina brand was one of the few things that worked. Coyotes fans and hockey fans overseas also appreciated the logo, which paid tribute to local culture.

The return to Kachina has been universally hailed for the worst team in the NHL. This could help them earn some of the income they need while they undertake another rebuild.

This may be one of the few things the Coyotes prioritize this year. As the Coyotes wrestle on the ice and battle for seats in their future old arena, they could be a hit in the gift shops. Sales of new Kachina merchandise may help the franchise results in another lower playoff season surrounded by drama in the arenas. Remember hockey is a business, so any place fans spend their hard earned money helps. Coyotes aren’t exactly known as a franchise on a solid financial footing.

The quantity of Kachina jerseys and merchandise sold will be difficult to determine. The NHL typically posts measurements on player jerseys (such as top-selling jerseys) at the end of the season. Arizona are a team with no superstars (sorry, Jakob Chychrun), so “peyote Coyote” or not, don’t expect to see Arizona shirts on this list.

Of course, the team and one of the league partners could still publish their inside sales data. Sales data has been released for the successful Seattle Kraken jersey launch earlier this year. We can also expect Kachina’s relaunched numbers in Arizona to be good compared to last year’s reverse retro sales. The Coyotes were among the top five of those jersey sales. Not bad for a team that everyone says they should “just move to Quebec”.

On the contrary, the Kachina jerseys are a step in the right direction. Hockey is a business and every successful branding has a successful brand. Winning matches is the most effective way to build a brand, but a universally loved jersey with a local twist is a step in the right direction. It’s better than the Microsoft clip they were using anyway.


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