Home + Work: Plan and execute the best virtual holiday party of 2021


The holidays are fast approaching and it’s time to start making a list of virtual party ideas. It has been a busy year working remotely with Zoom, Google Meet and Webex, and many virtual burnout. Luckily, it’s time to use these meeting platforms to host a virtual holiday party! Show your appreciation for your employees by hosting a virtual holiday party and celebrate with your team after a year of hard, sometimes exhausting virtual work. In this list, you will find virtual party ideas and tips for throwing the best celebration online:

  1. Start a tradition

Especially if this is your first year of organizing a virtual party, starting new traditions will be the key to the success of your future parties (virtual or in person). Building memories helps boost morale and engages everyone on the team. Establish a holiday tradition that you practice with your team to celebrate each other and your accomplishments. Whether it’s a Christmas ornament swap or a karaoke contest, make it fun and memorable for the whole group for years to come.

Letters from Ellen lives in Edmonds and runs virtual calligraphy classes which could be a fun virtual group activity!

  1. Play trivia and holiday games

It’s a fun way to celebrate the seasons at a virtual holiday party. If you have enough people, assign teams of two or more. Otherwise, it’s every man for himself! The same goes with other games: Virtual Holiday Bingo, anyone? Browse ideas and quiz for the holidays here.

  1. Organize a virtual vacation “Toast” for your teammates and employees

Send everyone in the “office” a mini bottle of champagne (or sparkling cider), and have each of them bring it to the virtual party. Throw a toast to your team and all of the successful accomplishments you’ve accomplished over the past year. And be sure to toast the future and how you want it to look for the year ahead. Everyone loves the opportunity to say “Hi to us! “

If you want to take it a step further, send cocktail kits to your staff and check out Kelnero recipe page for some really fun recipes you can try together.

Cookies from Jenny’s Pâtisserie at Alderwood Mall has grown into a nationally recognized brand. Make sure to pay them a visit if you want to send your team a sweet snack as well.

  1. Play Secret Gift Giver

A few weeks before your virtual party, send everyone a note with a name and instructions for purchasing a small gift. Limit the amount to what you think is appropriate (between $ 10 and $ 25) and allow each employee to receive an anonymous gift. Open them one at a time during your virtual event and at the end, guess who sent what to see how well the office knows each other!

If you’re looking for the perfect, locally made gift, be sure to check out Edmonds Holiday Market for all your in-store needs. Held on Saturdays (next are December 11-18), the market is open from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. on 5th Avenue North between Town Hall and the Edmonds Historical Museum.

  1. End with intentions for the new year

Before your holiday party, take some time to think it over. Send your employees / teams a journal of The Papery in Edmonds and ask them to think about the following question, “What are the three things you want to see happen in the next year for the success of your business?” After you’ve all enjoyed your night together, befriended, laughed, and celebrated all of the huge successes this year has brought, share your goals for the New Year. Engage with your employees to get them excited with you. The more you and your employees are on the same page, the more success you will see as you all work towards the same end goal. It’s a great way to wrap up your virtual holiday party with warm hearts and clear goals.

Now get out there and start planning your virtual holiday party. You and your employees deserve it!

– By Emilie Given and Whitney Popa

Whitney and Émilie

Emilie Given owns a virtual assistant agency in Lynnwood and Whitney Popa is a writer and communications consultant at Edmonds. They are writing this column together to share work from home ideas. They love where they live and are grateful that the virtual world allows them to achieve greater harmony between work and private life. They also co-organize a weekly podcast where they share their entrepreneurial journeys while learning about those of others. You can find out more about Émilie here and more on Whitney here.


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