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Through:Wu Qiong, Fan Yicheng, Ding Yihan | | 2021-12-27 10:42

How is China Chic represented in clothing? On today’s global stage, outstanding Chinese designers continue to emerge and conquer the international fashion circle by combining Chinese aesthetics with Western tailoring techniques. It is a kind of cultural self-confidence and oriental aesthetic unique to China.

“Traditional Chinese culture must keep pace with the times. We emphasize resemblance in spirit rather than format, and aim to transfer the idea and express the spirit. Extract the heart of traditional culture and use practical materials and techniques to make everyday products, ”said Grace Yehuai Chen, Founder and Chief Designer of GRACE CHEN, whose fashion design philosophy is to modernize traditional culture. Practicing Chinese calligraphy since her childhood, she cherishes Chinese culture deep in her heart. This is also why she came back from abroad and settled in Shanghai to create her own brand GRACE CHEN. Instead of deliberately pursuing the Chinese style, she wants to convey a fashion language with a universal aesthetic.

Likewise, Xiaodan Zheng, founder and chief designer of DAN, argues that her fashion philosophy is derived from Chinese danqing. While designing clothes, she turns the complex into a simple one rather than just stacking traditional Chinese elements on top of the clothes. Seeking the beauty of emptiness and symmetry in Eastern aesthetics, she wants to show graceful and exquisite Chinese culture.

“The past few years have seen a wave of Chinese styles and Chinese chic in China and abroad. What is behind it is the life and the oriental lifestyle, ”noted Xiaoliang Xu, president of the Shanghai International Fashion Federation and co-CEO of Fosun International. In November 2021, the tenth edition of Shanghai Haute Couture Week focused for the first time on “oriental life”. As Xu said, Eastern life means integration between Eastern and Western ways of life. Chinese and Western elegance styles can be combined, as people share the same feelings about the beauty of life.


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