Personal loans with FCI and without mortgage


The granting of personal loans has been greatly reduced by banks, and the few that are granted are very solvent clients with fixed employment and a good payroll. The reason is very simple, banks have lent a lot of money for years and now they have to compensate for that excesses that are also causing them numerous losses due to defaults, especially in private loans without guarantees.

Much of this delinquency has caused that a good number of entities have had to resort to the attachment of the house for personal debts as for example for not paying monthly installments of the credit card. That in some cases it has ended with the loss of property.

For example, for a loan without a mortgage of 10,000 euros at 4% interest, the bank pays 400 euros a year, but if there is a default and you can not recover the borrowed money then you will have a loss of 10,000 euros when you are without a mortgage, and do not have a real guarantee through a property.

Many banks have been in serious financial problems due to their high number of unpaid debts and doubtful operations, especially in the concession of products such as unsecured personal loans. What has led thousands of unemployed individuals and companies to have records for debts in the FCI listing.

Personal loans with FCI and without property

Personal loans with FCI and without property

For all the above, banks have ceased to be the main lenders of personal loans for individuals. They have preferred to obtain income through other, safer business lines, such as the creation or increase of bank commissions, than via financing concession.

Leaving to lend money to individuals and companies, given the solvency problems derived from the economic crisis.

It is in this context of scarcity of personal loans that the financing granted by private lenders increases. Very specialized in difficult cases such as personal loans with as-nee or without a mortgage, that is to say lenders without collateral who assume a high risk of default.

Although with the financial restriction of the banks the lenders have had to finance typical operations of the banking client. For example, companies that were not renewed credit policies to be without mortgage, and have no more guarantee than the personal.

So the lenders have gone from financing operations with FCI that the bank did not want because of its high risk of default, to finance individuals and companies that were customers of banks.

For that reason private lenders have grown a lot in recent years, but in a more specialized way. Since it is not the same to give personal credits with FCI than with a history free of defaults.

And the same happens with loans without mortgages, the risk is greater than if you have the guarantee of a property, usually the debtor’s house. But even in difficult situations and with urgent money needs with homeless housing there are several solutions.

For example, resorting to private lenders without guarantees to be able to get personal loans with asfelf and without a mortgage.

How to apply for urgent loans with FCI and without endorsement

In recent years, there has also been a great increase in the financing of urgent personal loans without collateral, especially those that operate 100% online and that allow quick money in a matter of minutes.

This is achieved by reducing deadlines, information, and almost without paperwork, by simply using an online form to enter the amount, return period, and some basic personal data necessary for the study of the financing operation.

Since applying for a loan with FCI is one of the most complicated operations, although it will depend on the number and amount of unpaid debts. Although you can always find a private lender who is willing to lend you a small amount of quick money in exchange for a high interest rate to offset the high risk of default that assumes.

The only problem will be that you will not have many options to choose the conditions, especially the return period or the amount of money requested. Because these particular money lenders without collateral and without collateral. But they are financing operations available even for young people who are without a payroll by not having a job.

In any case, it is always better to look for your loan by using an online comparator such as CréditoSMS, which saves you time and money. Because in a few minutes you will have a list adjusted to your personal needs.

Remember that one of the keys to getting a personal loan with FCI without a mortgage is to have a good financial history, so having debts in FCI or RAI, is to be among the list of most important defaulters in Spain. Because if you have ever paid a debt, maybe you’ll do it again.

What generates some distrust to any private lender to which you are going to request any type of loans without guarantees. Who will prefer to lend their money to someone who is not on the FCI list or who can sign a personal mortgage loan. What is an additional guarantee in case of default, quickly recovering the money lent by the ownership of the mortgaged property.

What fast loans to ask if I have debts in FCI?

What fast loans to ask if I have debts in FCI?

So if you have problems with FCI and you need a personal loan without a mortgage because you do not have any real property, a parking space or a house for example, or the one you have is already fully mortgaged. You will have the following financial solutions for quick loans with homeless debt, depending on your personal capital needs and the terms of the repayment period:

  1. Contact lenders specialized in mini loans, ie small money loans with amounts of up to 500 euros, although the most usual amounts are up to 200 euros, with a very high interest rate and short cancellation period of no more than 30 days. Since this type of credits is granted to people without payroll, with FCI, and without mortgage. The risk to the lender is very high, that is why the interest is high, and both the repayment term and the amount are very small. However, the advantage for the applicant is that he can chain small loans with unsecured loans. That is to say that instead of asking 1000 euros at once you can ask 250 euros four times.
  2. Get personal fast loans of higher amounts with longer terms, for example 5000 euros to 2 years. In this type of transaction you can also apply with FCI and without a mortgage, but nevertheless you will have to fulfill other requirements. To begin with, you must have a fixed income, even if it is for unemployment benefit or a pension, which allows you to ensure the cancellation of the borrowed money. And also, given that you are on a list of defaulters, you will have to offer someone who acts as an endorsement or even a second owner. Individuals, whether individuals or companies, who have a financial history free of asf or unpaid and records in other files of defaulters. So that they can take charge of the payment of your debt in case of non-payment. This type of personal loans with FCI and without a mortgage usually take longer than the mini credits, since being of a higher amount they take more time to study. So they are not usually a good solution to get money urgent or fast. In those cases, the best solution is the mini credits, being practically loans without paperwork.

Although there are many advertisements on the Internet, getting quick loans without endorsement between individuals is not easy given that very few transactions are closed due to the high risk that is assumed.

Keep in mind that to get credit easily there are some basic information and requirements:

  • Do not have defaults or appear on lists of defaulters such as FCI.
  • Be older than 25 years since it is an age where you are usually working.
  • Have some kind of income every month, preferably through an employment contract.

However, there are certain cases where getting personal loans without collateral is almost impossible:

  • When the applicant has no income, no guarantees and also has defaults with FCI.
  • When the applicant has no income, has defaults with FCI, and has a home ownership but the mortgage is equal to or greater than the value of the property.

That is to say that to obtain money with credits with FCI without payroll, and without guarantees or endorsement is almost impossible unless you ask for amounts of money inferior to 300 euros and to give back in less than a month.

Personal loans with FCI and without housing

Personal loans with FCI and without housing

We can conclude that when you have any type of debt in a list of defaulters it is very difficult to get a high amount of money through loans without mortgage collateral.

Private loans without guarantees are always difficult to obtain, but when we talk about the applicant having a debt, however small, in a file of defaulters is almost impossible mission. As long as we are talking about large amounts of money, for example greater than 2000 euros.

Keep in mind that if you already have a bad financial history by having some type of unpaid in any of the existing default files, it will be more difficult to get credits with FCI without a mortgage or mortgage guarantee.

Because in the end the real guarantees, if we talk about real estate, or personal when we talk about the endorsement of a third party, allow the private lender to recover their money and even collect the interest pending payment. Hence, loans with no mortgage or housing FCI are very infrequent.

Especially when we are talking about money that the defaulter will use for his particular consumption. That is to say, we refer to the so-called personal loans with FCI without mortgage guarantee and without property or guarantee of any kind.

So in the above cases the best solution to increase the chances of getting a personal credit with asf and without a mortgage would be to pay the debt that made us enter the list of defaulters. That way you could at least leave FCI free before applying for the new credit. And for that you need updated information about the status of your quick loans and debts.

What would allow you to request up to 10000 euros if you have fixed income with payroll and also accounts with endorsement. Because remember that to get a personal loan, the factor that will limit you the most is that you have a non-payment with FCI, and not so much the fact of not being able to provide a mortgage guarantee.

Although there is an important difference in terms of money granted between a loan without a mortgage and one with. But although everything will depend on the value of the house or property we can say that a loan without a mortgage does not usually exceed 10,000 euros.


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