The new Repaper tablet will allow you to draw on real paper attached to the tablet


While there is no shortage of tablets, including those with electronic ink displays that are known as eNotes, here is one that stands out from the rest in that it offers the feel of the. real paper. This is the Repaper referred to here and not so named to give the impression of paper. On the contrary, its biggest advantage is that it works with real paper, which has led manufacturers to claim that it is the perfect fusion of analog and digital.

Developed by the French company Iskn, the Repaper is a graphic tablet originally intended for artists and professionals. For this it includes the tablet, which is accompanied by a stylus and a pencil, the latter also including a special ring around it. To learn more about the pencil, it is an Iskn co-branded Castell 9000 (2B) graphite pencil that is used, although what makes it special is the ring around it that turns it into a digital input device. Iskn said other pencils can also be used and will serve the same purpose as long as the ring is in place.

The tablet, on the other hand, can be connected to a PC or another tablet, which will serve as a visual area. Once the tablet is connected to the PC or secondary display device, you can place a paper on the tablet, which in turn is held in place by a set of clips. Now anything you write or draw on the paper using the stylus or pencil will also appear on the screen.

Launch the Repaper app on your PC or tablet and you will see a multitude of tools needed to draw. These range from pencil, pen, calligraphy pen, etc. Just select one of the tools and start drawing again on the sheet of paper attached to the tablet using the stylus or pencil. Everything you draw is reflected in the secondary display.

This way, those who are used to drawing on real paper will also be able to easily migrate to the digital domain. While the drawing on paper remains as is, a digital copy is also created simultaneously, which can again be saved or shared with others and so on. The app also offers several other customization options such as choosing the thickness of the pencil, the color used, etc.

Repaper will also work the same without the paper, in which case the user will need to draw directly on the surface of the tablet itself. However, those who are used to drawing on real paper will find the Repaper to be of immense convenience. In fact, they won’t have to adapt to anything new because they can continue to draw on paper as they always have and leave it to Repaper to convert it to digital. It’s that simple and ingenious.


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